Patents & Copyright

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Trapezoid Neck Profile (US D630,676), Intersecting Plane Neck Profile (US D635,182), Intonation Cantilever (US 8,076,559), Positional Constant String Pitch Control System (US 8,294,011), and Spearfish Neck (US D999,814) are patented technologies.

Additional patents pending.

Structural details, neck profiles, body & headstock shapes, nomenclature — including Blur, Goshawk, Orchid, Pisces, Rick Toone ’67, Skele, Sketch, Spearfish, S2, Wingspan, USM, etc. (and derivatives) — are subject to patent, trademark, and copyright protection.

Intellectual property, marketing, designs, materials methodology, components and hardware are exclusively owned by Rick Toone | Luthier, LLC.