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VIDEO: “Kanashimi” from Fabio Mittino’s latest album: Simple Music for Difficult People, Vol. 4.
VIDEO: “Karakuri” featuring Stealth Acoustic 6-string guitar.

Fabio Mittino continues to record and produce music with exceptional production values and attention to detail. This is an extraordinary achievement for an independent artist creating in an ultra-specific solo electric guitar instrumental niche. Managing writing, recording, touring, travel, video production, and record label responsibilities is a massive project.

Fabio, thank you for all that you do — we see you — we appreciate you!

I love the testimonial (below) from Ahmad Jamal. Increasingly over the past several years, my personal listening time is deeply immersed in jazz recordings from the 1950’s and 1960’s. That was such an astonishing period of musical achievement. The improvisational skill of those musicians is difficult for us to fully comprehend today, because we live in an era where artistic output is shaped primarily in post-production, during the editing process. There was a decade or so when virtuosic playing enmeshed with spontaneous composition, often performed and recorded live: one take, first pass.

Ahmad Jamal was a master in that genre, and I am sad to learn of his passing earlier this year. As the cosmic winds scatter our ashes, may your fingers eternally tickle the celestial ivories, my friend.

PROMO: Catch Fabio Mittino live Sunday, June 25, 2023 at Kennedy Martin Stelle Farmstead, Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Fabio Mittino Tour Dates

IMAGE: Fabio Mittino begin his “Simple Music For Difficult People” US tour dates with California Guitar Trio. Stealth™ acoustic guitar plus Fabio’s precise playing (mentored by Robert Fripp).

Dear Rick,
Hope you’re well.

I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend: you have my heartfelt condolences during this difficult time. I didn’t know Ede Wright but I’m sure he was a great person, as you touchingly described in your blog.

I’ll finally be back touring after a few setbacks: first an injured shoulder, then I had a bike accident on October 8th, just before a European tour, in which I broke 8 ribs! Very, very, painful.

I’ll tour with the California Guitar Trio, playing my solo project “Simple Music for Difficult People”. I will also join them during the last part of the show.

I really hope there is one near you, as I would love to meet you again.

Best Regards,

Kanashimi | Fabio Mittino

VIDEO: Fabio Mittino performs Kanashimi on Stealth™ 6-string guitar.

Dear Rick,

I would like to share with you my new composition from the album “Simple Music for Difficult People Vol.4”.

I think this song expresses both love and melancholy. For this reason, I titled it “Kanashimi”, which in Japanese usually means sadness. However, if Kanashimi is written 愛しみ instead of 哀しみ, it means love.

Everything is played in real time!

I’ll be touring the West Coast this July, but I’ll be on the East Coast this winter: I hope to be able to meet you again!


Toy Dreamer | Fabio Mittino

VIDEO: Fabio Mittino “Toy Dreamer” recorded and performed on Stealth™ acoustic electric 6-string guitar. CYFI pickups impart an unusual amplified tone. Excellent visuals throughout.