Cat Head Mask

VIDEO: Who is inside the mysterious Cat Head Mask? How does he see to play?! Does he even need to? What is reality anymore…is your glowing screen speaking truth? Alice, we are no longer in Kansas.

Henry Kaiser Plays Sea Monster

VIDEO: Henry Kaiser Quarterly #1 performance for 2023. Watch from the beginning for some delicious Zappa, or dive directly into “Sea Monster Blues” (solo guitar) beginning at 10:44 — featuring Henry playing Sea Monster amidst a backdrop of Crevalle jack and Bigeye trevally. No fish were harmed in the making of this video.

I really love what Henry Kaiser is doing.

Bringing together friends and featured artists to pre-record a quarterly concert. Players are together in person, or contributing from wherever they may be in the world at the moment. Visual artists adding their skills as well, including Henry’s partner Brandy Gale. Check out her work…synesthete art!

There is such joy of life infusing this entire venture. You can feel the energy of friends reconnecting.

evaluating its functionality just as a “strat” it is an EXCEEDINGLY great strat.  So solid sonically and great for all genres of strat-expressions.

BUT THIS PISCES TREMOLO knocks it out of the park and onto one of the Moons of Mars.
as soon as I finish mastering today
I will have lots of playing time for it and video shoot time
and I will be back with much more feedback (both written and electro-acoustic)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending it over (Henry Kaiser)

Deeply grateful to Henry for his friendship and his willingness to invest time exploring Sea Monster. Henry, thank you for all of your video work. Also, thank you Killick and Chris Buono for introducing us. More adventures to follow…