8-String | Component Set

intonation cantilever tuner bridge
IMAGE: Patented Intonation Cantilever™ solo bridge. Securely anchors plain-end or ball-end strings.
eight string guitar neck
IMAGE: Ball-ends drop in effortlessly and anchor securely on the 8-string Element™ neck.
IMAGE: Slender, sleek and lightweight. Ergonomic contours with smooth flowing thumb surfaces.
element guitar neck
IMAGE: Element™ 8-string multi-scale neck. Single billet precision machined aerospace aluminum.
fretboard flare
IMAGE: Fretboard Flare™ allows exceptional string bending capabilities where you need it most.
intonation cantilever bridge
IMAGE: Patented Intonation Cantilever™ solo bridge. Stainless steel, bearing bronze. Lightweight, precise, stable tuning. Zero intonation drift. Intonation adjusts independent of tuning.

Spearfish | Vintage Sunburst Relic

This beautiful Spearfish™ appears throughout the Gift music video, providing clean and overdriven tones which add the atmospheric thunderstorm within the song story.

Swamp Ash solid body with light relic vintage nitro sunburst finish. Patent pending Element™ single billet aircraft aluminum neck. Patented Intonation Cantilever™ solo bridges, precision machined from solid stainless steel. Proprietary OEM DiMarzio pickups designed by Steve Blucher. 10-position pickup selection, featuring true single coil and humbucking tones.

This guitar is extraordinary.

element guitar neck headstock
spearfish guitar
intonation cantilever bridges
element guitar neck

Spearfish | Moby Dick

spearfish guitar marshall amp
PHOTOS: Scrimshaw is the art of engraving the bone or tooth of a powerful animal. Spearfish™ 6-string guitar drives Yngwie Malmsteen’s original 1969 Marshall.
moby dick spearfish guitar
spearfish guitar
PHOTOS: Perhaps no mammal will ever (can ever) be as powerful as Herman Melville’s great white whale, Moby Dick. Nature, embodied. All that is untamed. You can recite the litany, but still it will not end with simply facts: patent pending Element™ aircraft aluminum neck, stainless steel Intonation Cantilever™ patented bridges, exclusive DiMarzio™ pickups, carbon fiber, resonant swamp ash.
dimarzio pickups
intonation cantilever patented guitar bridges