Moria | Spearfish 24

PHOTOS: Spearfish 24-fret “Moria” featuring patent-pending Element™ neck machined from single billet aircraft grade aluminum. Swamp Ash, carbon fiber. Moria was set up and used on drop D tuning songs throughout the album, due to be released in spring of 2021.
PHOTOS: Daniela Villarreal played Spearfish “Moria” extensively during the recording of The Warning band’s third studio album. Produced by David Bendeth and recorded primarily in Sound On Sound studio, Montclair, New Jersey, September-November, 2020. (photos: Rudy Joffroy, The Warning Manager)
PHOTOS: Bare Knuckle Silo neck pickup with Ragnarok bridge pickup. 10-position switching. Patented Intonation Cantilever™ solo string bridges machined from stainless steel.
PHOTO & VIDEO: Signal chain used in the video Noble Bass DI > Strymon Iridium > Logic Audio. No channel switching was used to achieve the overdrive tones.

The Warning | Mercury Lounge (NYC)

“Pound for pound…the baddest power trio on the planet.” (Monster)

rick toone the warning band
PHOTOS: Pau and Rick banter amid luckless pedestrians. (photos: Luis Villarreal)
louis dani villarreal
PHOTO: Luis and Daniela Villarreal (with Scribbles guitar). Father and daughter. Moments before The Warning steps onstage. Mercury Lounge, NYC, December 3, 2019.
paula villarreal
PHOTO: Pau’s post-gig drumsticks.