The Warning | Mercury Lounge (NYC)

“Pound for pound…the baddest power trio on the planet.” (Monster)

rick toone the warning band
PHOTOS: Pau and Rick banter amid luckless pedestrians. (photos: Luis Villarreal)
louis dani villarreal
PHOTO: Luis and Daniela Villarreal (with Scribbles guitar). Father and daughter. Moments before The Warning steps onstage. Mercury Lounge, NYC, December 3, 2019.
paula villarreal
PHOTO: Pau’s post-gig drumsticks.

The Warning | Second Spearfish

The Warning recently band purchased a second Spearfish™ 6-string guitar, the mighty Moby Dick. Daniela Villareal has put the guitar to immediate use, in the studio and live. The Warning will be touring the US once visa issues are squared away. PS: The answer is YES.

She LOVES it!

Dany always wants another of your guitars, if it where up to her she would have 10 by now!

In the studio and live, I am sending you pictures…

We arrived home last Wednesday at noon after a red eye flight and went directly to interviews and promotions of our 2 weekend shows (which went great both of them) then Sunday we received at our little studio fans that came from Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Germany, England and the USA, so now we are finally having some time to rest a little before we go to Colombia to the Rock al Parque Fest June 29.

I have a request for you, it would really mean the world to us if you can make a trip to watch them play live, I would really love to have you there, so you can watch them, hear them, be with us, know us better.

What do you say my friend? (Luis Villarreal, Manager)

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