Goshawk On Stage | Matt Richard

Matt rocks Purple Relic Gosawk™ in his band The Chee-Weez.

Attaching a pic from last night’s show. Goshawk in action in Baton Rouge, LA. It’s officially my new #1. The Goshawk inspiration continues. I don’t recall the last time I wrote and conceptualized new techniques and melodic ideas which such freedom. Playing the Goshawk (and the 24 fret Spearfish) bring me back to a time akin to when I first started playing, around age 14-16. The guitar was like this massive book I couldn’t wait to open and explore every minute I could. I’ve been playing for almost 30 years (who’s counting?), and I’m back there again. Thanks for re-lighting my fire to write and record this record. (Matt Richard)

matt richards goshawk guitar

Goshawk | Purple Relic

purple goshawk guitar
PHOTO: Patented Intonation Cantilever™ solo bridges, precision machined from stainless steel. Exclusive DiMarzio™ pickups. Carbon fiber pick guard.
advantage neck profile
PHOTO: Proprietary Advantage™ neck profile roasted figured flame maple.


Apologies for the bluntness, but man… Goshawk™ is something to behold. 

I’ve been playing guitar for the better part of 30 years, over half of that for a living, and I can’t recall the last time — if EVER — I got goosebumps playing guitar. As it were, it happened while rolling off the tone knob (which also deserves its own comment: I’ve also never had a guitar where the ENTIRE range of the tone knob was not only useable, but sounded AMAZING).

There is some SERIOUS tonal mojo going on here.

The ergonomics are a very good fit for me. The neck size, and even more so the way the body fits me and seats the neck much more “in” my person, it just works. The ability to play in the lower register without feeling like I am stretching my arm out is just superb. 

Again, wow… the whole chemistry of this instrument is ME. I’ll be taking it out on the road in the coming weeks for the road test part. And I’ve got a recording project underway I’ll be using it for in the meantime.

Thank you Rick. You’ve gotten me an instrument that makes me want to just sit and write. It’s rare I’m inspired to this degree with a new guitar. This one is special. (Matt Richard)

rick toone
PHOTO: Compact curves that fit. Swamp ash solid body.
goshawk guitar