Goshawk On Stage | Matt Richard

Matt rocks Purple Relic Gosawk™ in his band The Chee-Weez.

Attaching a pic from last night’s show. Goshawk in action in Baton Rouge, LA. It’s officially my new #1. The Goshawk inspiration continues. I don’t recall the last time I wrote and conceptualized new techniques and melodic ideas which such freedom. Playing the Goshawk (and the 24 fret Spearfish) bring me back to a time akin to when I first started playing, around age 14-16. The guitar was like this massive book I couldn’t wait to open and explore every minute I could. I’ve been playing for almost 30 years (who’s counting?), and I’m back there again. Thanks for re-lighting my fire to write and record this record. (Matt Richard)

matt richards goshawk guitar