Killick | Lacunae (University of Colorado)

Saturday evening Killick txted me: “Livestream tonight…my part starts in 15 minutes.”

I followed his link, not knowing what to expect. He was, in actuality, live improvising (with Walrus) the soundtrack to Lacunae modern dance MFA performance at University of Colorado, Boulder.

The show will use the spiral, gesture and drive of bodies to craft a collision of apocalyptic, upside-down fairy tales, feminist ruminations on neurological difference and site-specific experimentations involving questions of intimacy, connectedness and the unknown.

Killick truly finds the most interesting paths.

It was about four months of remote back and forth collaboration under choreographer Kelley Ann Walsh’s direction…for each of the 3 shows there was 25 minutes of pre-recorded music (all original plus building on a theme from a project of mine with Federico Balducci) over top of which I improvised with the fretless Walrus. I was responding to the parameters from the playback material, the audiences, and primarily to the energy and movement of the dancers, all brilliant and completely ON! throughout. (Killick)

SCREEN CAPTURES: CU Theatre & Dance opens “Lacunae,” choreographed by MFA Dance candidates Kristen Holleyman, Gretchen LaBorwit and Kelley Ann Walsh.