Killick Hinds & Henry Kaiser

VIDEO: Killick Hinds & Henry Kaiser live video improvisation duet. Killick is playing his multiscale fretless 8-string guitar.

KILLICK HINDS: I ran the fretless eight string to the Schroeder DB7 with a volume pedal (that I seldom used). I also subtly added sustain with a Gamechanger Plus pedal and Collision Devices’ Black Hole Symmetry in its effects loop. The main signal was split before these pedals, with one half going to a volume pedal and then activating Plogue’s Chipsounds via Jam Origin’s MIDI Guitar 2 in the computer. The Schertler piezo on Demi’s headstock ran into an Elite Acoustics StompMix mixer (which contributed occasional delay) into a Henriksen The Bud amp.

It was good working with Henry on this…our sensibilities match extraordinarily well. Playing with the video felt the closest to playing a concert since March.

I’ll add it was recorded with my cellphone against a makeshift green screen made of a picnic tarp and an old clothing rack. The assembly is not quite big enough for the task, so framing was a little tricky, but it worked out very well.

I’m really pleased to share this (as I know Henry is) and am very grateful he suggested the project. I thank Cuneiform Records for their continued support of new and exciting music. And most importantly, thanks to everyone for watching and listening.

RICK TOONE: Cool! He has software that works with green screen?

KILLICK HINDS: Yes, I think Final Cut Pro. I have iMovie and that works with it as well. This was my very first green screen experience.

RICK TOONE: Quite awesome. So you were in Athens and he was…?

KILLICK HINDS: Yes, I was in Athens and he was in California.

RICK TOONE: Could you hear each other during recording?

KILLICK HINDS: I played to the movie first. Then Henry played to my audio and the movie.

Shou Sugi Ban 8-String

PHOTOS: Pure, raw, organic. Carbon fiber, stainless steel, aircraft aluminum. Currently available for purchase.

“Rick, I’m just going to come out and say it: this guitar is incredible. It’s the most impressive electric guitar I’ve played to this point in my career. This guitar has a beautiful tenor saxophone sound to it, low and mid registers have some magic that is unique to this instrument, an uncommon clarity in that range. And it’s crazy…but it also feels like my left hand is more relaxed, efficient, and stronger feeling after playing this guitar for a week.” (Ede Wright)

PHOTO: Bare Knuckle Nailbomb™ pickups.
PHOTO: Swamp Ash treated in traditional Japanese method.

8-String | Component Set

intonation cantilever tuner bridge
IMAGE: Patented Intonation Cantilever™ solo bridge. Securely anchors plain-end or ball-end strings.
eight string guitar neck
IMAGE: Ball-ends drop in effortlessly and anchor securely on the 8-string Element™ neck.
IMAGE: Slender, sleek and lightweight. Ergonomic contours with smooth flowing thumb surfaces.
element guitar neck
IMAGE: Element™ 8-string multi-scale neck. Single billet precision machined aerospace aluminum.
fretboard flare
IMAGE: Fretboard Flare™ allows exceptional string bending capabilities where you need it most.
intonation cantilever bridge
IMAGE: Patented Intonation Cantilever™ solo bridge. Stainless steel, bearing bronze. Lightweight, precise, stable tuning. Zero intonation drift. Intonation adjusts independent of tuning.