Bleached Bone | Spearfish 22

Bleached Bone Spearfish Guitar
Spearfish Guitar
PHOTO: Spearfish™ component set with patented Intonation Cantilever™ bridges and patent-pending Element™ neck precision machined from single billet aircraft aluminum.


The bleached bone finish is beautiful and definitely unique! The aluminum neck is the thinnest and most comfortable neck I have ever played on (and is cool looking too). The pick-ups sound incredible, and I love the 10-way pick-up selector switch! This guitar will make me a better player!

I mostly play blues based music direct into an amp (recently Mesa TC50).

I gave Chris Buono a quick peek Monday night during our skype guitar lesson session (he had his Goshawk sitting out). I think he was totally shocked!!

Thank you again!!

Sean Kendrick

Rick Toone Guitar
PHOTO: Bleached bone finish on Swamp Ash. Carbon fiber pick guard. Proprietary DiMarzio pickups with 10-way switching.