Bleached Bone | Spearfish 22

Bleached Bone Spearfish Guitar
Spearfish Guitar
PHOTO: Spearfish™ component set with patented Intonation Cantilever™ bridges and patent-pending Element™ neck precision machined from single billet aircraft aluminum.


The bleached bone finish is beautiful and definitely unique! The aluminum neck is the thinnest and most comfortable neck I have ever played on (and is cool looking too). The pick-ups sound incredible, and I love the 10-way pick-up selector switch! This guitar will make me a better player!

I mostly play blues based music direct into an amp (recently Mesa TC50).

I gave Chris Buono a quick peek Monday night during our skype guitar lesson session (he had his Goshawk sitting out). I think he was totally shocked!!

Thank you again!!

Sean Kendrick

Rick Toone Guitar
PHOTO: Bleached bone finish on Swamp Ash. Carbon fiber pick guard. Proprietary DiMarzio pickups with 10-way switching.

Misha Mansoor | Reptile Spearfish

Misha Mansoor
IMAGE: Periphery Reptile text message that started it all…
VIDEO: Chris Buono takes Reptile Spearfish™ for a test flight.
VIDEO: Misha Mansoor shows a different side of his guitar playing with Reptile Spearfish™ 6-string guitar. (video by Ekaterina Gorbacheva)
PHOTO: Patent pending Element™ single billet machined aircraft aluminum neck. Misha Mansoor Bare Knuckle Juggernaut™ signature pickups.
PHOTO: Reptile Spearfish™ 22-fret guitar built for Misha Mansoor of Periphery.

A Portrait of the Artist

IMAGE: Eight string fretless multi-scale guitar portrait of Killick Hinds. Swamp Ash, carbon fiber, aircraft aluminum.

This was a new experience for me. I’ve never done a portrait of another human being using guitar as mixed media. Why not, though?

Killick Hinds and I have been friends for almost a decade. One of the first things he sent when we met was his autobiography of sorts, perhaps a proto-biography. As I read, I thought: “Here is an honest soul.”

Many thoughts and visits exchanged since then, and my love for him as a person only continues to grow. For those of you who are new…within fifteen minutes of meeting Killick in person I stopped noticing his skin is a mosaic of artwork. Again, over time, I appreciate his commitment to his singular path as an artist.

VIDEO: Killick Hinds and Rick Toone on Blood Mountain after recording “Magnets & Wires” album/documentary in November, 2019. Friends!

In building this guitar for Killick, I wanted to generate a glimpse of him in tangible, material form. We discussed the technical attributes extensively, however the aesthetics were left entirely to me and delivered to him as a total surprise.

I do believe it works.

It’s not even a guitar…it’s something totally new. The resonances/overtones are unfamiliar to my sensibilities. Bowing with the Pickaso yields entirely new textures & audible rhythms in addition to the fundamental/overtones. It’s instantly rewarding and challenging. This instrument is a perfect ergonomic fit and is truly the electric guitar’s metamorphosis. It’s a surreal time to welcome beauty and homework into the world. Thank you completely! (Killick Hinds)

IMAGE: Listen to “Shifting In Reverse”
IMAGE: Listen to “Seagreengrass Walk”
IMAGE: Listen to “Lake Nonlinear”

Ede Wright | Goshawk Blues

VIDEO: Ede Wright plays “Mr. Glass” blues on Goshawk™ 6-string.

Last night, Ede sent me the link to this video. I’ve probably listened a dozen times and still not caught all of his grace notes and sly references (Steely Dan, Yngwie Malmsteen) in this blues riff. I don’t know if people fully appreciate how truly great of a player he is.

“Thanks, Rick. The clean tone of this amp with the Red Guitar is the best I’ve heard. Goshawk really blends with the (Glaswerks Zingaro) in a beautiful way. It’s a bit of a departure from what you may be used to hearing me play, but I’m trying to show more of my range in these videos. Doesn’t hurt that Goshawk has more range than I do.” (Ede Wright)

VIDEO: Ede Wright plays Home Slice 3 Hang Six on Goshawk™ 6-string as Mr. Bill looks on.

Fine Art

Hi Rick,

Your Goshawk™ guitar and Anthology™ case against a piece of furniture of 1774 (Jean-Francois Leleu). The piece of furniture is really unique in this world…as is your guitar. The drawing is a self-portrait from Frank Auerbach, he is one of the best living artists from the London school (a good friend of Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud).

I started again to play acoustic for a couple of days, difficult to re-adapt. My (French) guitar teacher played your guitar, he went crazy! Your guitar is Fantastic, more than I ever could expect.

A thousand thanks for all this.

Adam (Paris, France)

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