Goshawk | Butterscotch Blonde

Destined to become somebody’s best friend.

Warmth, sparkle, and copious spank. Singing sustain. Especially resonant Swamp Ash couples with flame roasted maple for this lovely light weight butterscotch blonde Goshawk™ 6-string solid body.

Patented precision machined Intonation Cantilever™ solo bridges. Advantage™ neck profile. Proprietary DiMarzio™ pickups with 10-way switching. Truly useful volume and tone controls. Carbon fiber pick guard.

Just the right amount of vintage.

Ready to rock any size venue. Dare you.

Dear Rick,

Just received it (3h ago) can’t stop playing your guitar 2 am in Los Angeles but 10 am in Paris… no sleep this night.

What an awesome instrument. Just everything about it, the sound, the possibilities, the beauty, and so easy to play… light, fantastic neck, just everything.

Congratulations! You did an artwork, I only regret that I did not have it before, years ago.

Thank you very very much and for the Strymon Iridium and Shure SRH1540s also.

I really believe this is an incredibly good instrument and I enjoy it so much!!! Almost explored every tuning that I am using, DADGAD, dropped D dropped G and standard. The African music sounds also extremely well (DADF#BE).

Wishing you the very best, Adam (Paris, France)

goshawk guitar
advantage neck profile
rick toone
dimarzio guitar pickups
intonation cantilever rick toone guitar bridges